Egypt Tourism tries again...Will you partake?Do you PDers often think about the Egyptian Tourism Industry? You know, that little engine of entrepreneurship that would be amazing if it could just catch a break?

Well, after the about seven years of revolutions, bombings and bad timing, those hotels that are still holding on just received a reprieve from the Egyptian Government (in actuality the Egyptian taxpayer) that has ordered the deferral of all official fees and debts, including utility bills, until January 2018.You might also want to ignore the beach entertainers in Sharm El Sheikh, whom like to sneak up with fake guns on sunbathing British tourists.

Add in a new airport in Cairo, and that explains why Bloomberg News is pushing Egypt as one of their top 2017 destinations.

Just ignore the rumored deployment of Russian troops in Western Egypt, and the report from Egypt’s own Health Ministry about a massive (2,262 children) outbreak of food poisoning in Sohag, and go ahead and book your trip.