Fresh Prince tourism.The Charlie Brown of countries, Egypt refuses to give up on collecting that tourist dinar despite Daash, coups and painted on hotel stars.

The Egyptian Tourism Ministry recently announced that they were busy at work getting Hollywood’s A and B List actors to come for some sun off the Red Sea and a quick gander at a pyramid or two.

The Head of the International Tourism Department at the Tourism Ministry Ahmed Shukri explained that the genius behind this new tactic of celebrity blood is, “The greatest message to the world that Egypt is a safe destination. It is also a free advertisement for the archaeological aspect of tourism. The Tourism Ministry’s offices abroad will exploit this visit for promotional purposes.”Maybe Syria can try this, too…

In March, the Tourism Ministry was able to rope in Will Smith and his family for two days, touted by the former Antiquities Minister Zahi Hawass on Facebook as a shrewd move of, “Supporting Egyptian tourism and promoting Egyptian archaeological areas.”

Sylvester Stallone and Salma Hayek have also been courted for April visits. Even today, the Pope touched down in Cairo.

Wow. Doesn’t a trip to Hurghada sound better already?