Makes sense.Where do you fall on this matter? Should pilots be forced to fly to high risk areas?While considering changing our name to All Ebola News All the Time here at PD, the French are doing what they do best, striking.

As Air France plans to possibly reopen flights to Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, the Rep for France’s Pilot’s Union Francois Hamant filed an official government compliant, citing that pilots cannot be forced to fly to epidemic stricken areas and they should not be subject to a loss of income for refusing to do so.

 Just stay away from the in-flight Ebola soup.

At this point, the World Health Organization continues to downplay the risk of flight crews coming into contact with Ebola, due to the “rigorous” screening the organization has set up at airports, while still maintaining that only one in ten healthcare workers aiding those infected, have in turn become infected themselves.Not an “African” disease.

The WHO Director General Dr. Margaret Chan said earlier this month that, “We must be careful not to characterize Ebola as an ‘African’ disease. This is an international issue, a global threat. We need to make sure Ebola patients and Ebola-affected countries aren’t stigmatized and isolated.”

In other news, Germany’s Lufthansa pilots are also on strike grounding a couple hundred European flights, not over contagion fears, but rather early retirement.