It seems Jay Carney’s small quip on the difficultly of rhyming the word “treasury” ruffled a few feathers, as the rap world tries to make sense of B&J’s Cuba-Gate.

As a mediocrely scolding response (a kin to a flick of the wrist) to Jay Z’s “Open Letter Communism-Is-Confusing” deal, Miami rapper Pitbull (known before the drugs and fame as Armando Christian Pérez)made his own Open Letter to Jay Z and the Bitch we’re all supposed to be bowing too (again, not Michelle Antoinette).

Here’s a transcript of the lyrics:

Mr. Worldwide/First letter of Cuba is an open letter/So you know I had to this/Let’s start this

Born in Miami right on time/Scarface, El Mariel, Cuban crime/Admit it if you want to/Truth is the truth/Lie if you want to/Politics/Yeah that’s politic/Let’s not act like half of families ain’t flipped bricks/We made Miami something from nothing/Let’s not forget that we came from nothing/Los judios del Caribe, ahora estan jodios en el Caribe/Blood is blood don’t act like we anemic/Elian got snatched back/The whole world seen it/ Russian missile crisis had America skating on nuclear ice/Bay of Pigs big bluff/We thought they had our back/But they left us straight stuck/I ain’t here to hold a grudge/I love the freedom that has been given to us/Now break down us/Get it?/U-S/That’s right god bless

Here’s the freedom we ride for/Here’s the freedom we die for/C-u-b-a hope to see you free on dayThe real Cuba.

Abuela y tia Sierra Maestra/Which led to my mother in “Pedro Pan”/In Cuba hit the lotto that means get your family search for freedom and run/Havanna made Vegas, ask Meyer Lansky/That’s if you know where his grave is/Hermanos al rescate, brothers to the rescue/Don’t agree with the change Castrp talk/But it’s hard to understand unless they educate you/

Politicians loves to hate you/But then they runaway when it’s time to debate you/Question of the night/Would they have messed with Mr. Carter if he was white?/Hmm, rhyme with treasury/When way another in Cuba is where they’ll bury me/Happy 5th year anniversary/Jay and B/Don’t worry it’s on me

Y para todo el mundo en Cuba/Con la ayuda de dios, nos vemos pronto/Dale

The real Cuba.Now, while the work itself is anything but hard hitting, and it’s broken up by numerous grunts and groans, he does layout a snippet of Cuba’s oppressive history.

If you are the type that prefers your history lessons via rap, then we suggest you check out the works of Tribu Mokoya. Not only are there less grunts, less bling, and better teeth than Jay Z’s, there is also actual footage of daily life in Cuba.