Artistic rendering. No, this isn’t a direct ode to government waste (we try our best to save those for Fridays), but if you love heights, you might want to look into booking your ticket to China’s Wulingyuan Region.

Not deterred by some of their glass bottom bridges breaking in the past, China is set to build in this particular UNESCO site a $5 Million bridge, designed to look invisible—but the Chinese Government promises that it will actually be there, made of stainless steel and black stone.Not for the faint of heart.

No cold sweats, yet? Well, the Zhangjiajie Canyon Bridge is also set to release a haze every 7 minutes from an artificially produced cloud, allowing the wet stone to further reflect the sky.

The Chinese Government has yet to release a completion date, but considering they ended up having to close their last glass bridge after only 2 weeks (due to what they claimed to be high demand), if you’re interested you definitely should make sure you are first in line.