Friday Riddle: What can bring the US to its knees and is more expensive than a prostitute?

Dania, the Columbian escort!

This week has really put Cartagena on the map, what with photos surfacing Monday of Madame Secretary Clinton chug-lugging a brewski at a late night fiesta, and the news that the early deplorers of the Secret Service were trying to haggle an appropriate price for some hands on service of their own. You heard it here at PD first, Cartagena is the new vacation hot spot.

If you’re wondering how many more sexual innuendos we can cram into this article, trust us, loads more, but we’ll try to keep it down to a late 1990’s level.

Full discourse: PD doesn’t buy it, and apparently neither do secret service agents- Bazinga! (Okay, okay, we’re done. Promise.)

Maybe all of us PD writers are just too old and out of touch, because we’ve always looked at the Secret Service as being super human men of intelligence and capability. The kind of men that would tell you they love you beyond words, but they can’t be with you, because they have a higher calling to truth, and justice, and the American way. When did the American way become prostitutes escorts, Absolut Vodka, and coke? Not even Diet Coke, but cocaine?

To destroy our fantasy laced take on reality further, news agencies are reporting that now members of the military and even Navy Seals are involved.

Oh no, you didn’t!Oh Me

Our patriotism hierarchy goes- Military, Secret Service, and at the very top Seals. There’s no way our hott, Marcus Luttrell-esque Navy Seals would have any part of this.

Either we’re too red pill about this, or there’s the stench of cover up. Honestly, who do you think is more likely to have gotten down and dirty in Columbia? White House staff, or the bad ass men sworn to protect them?