The Pope was an easy get, but Thomas Cook? Now, those guys have standards. Another week and another hit for Egypt’s Tourism Industry.

Jeez, at the rate we’re pumping out all of these Egypt tourism articles, you’d think someone on our PD Staff owned a Red Sea timeshare or something (awkward cough).

Despite the seal of approval of both the Pope and the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Thomas Cook decided to cancel any holiday bookings to Sharm el Sheikh for the rest of the year and into next summer.

Apparently, no amount of camel derbies can seem to shake the stigma offered up by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office saying recently that, “Terrorists are very likely to carry out attacks in Egypt.”Jesus to the rescue?

Ever persistent though, the Egyptian Government has decided to forget Thomas Cook and double down on their efforts to court Christian tourists, by outlining the route taken by Joseph and Mary to escape King Herod, plus, thanks to hefty grants, there will be plenty of room at the hotels and inns along the way.

Hey, aren’t most industry experts claiming Egypt’s Tourism Sector needs a miracle anyway?