That’s one hurdle crossed.From EasyJet investing in adding tracking to your kicks yesterday to Air France easing their uniform policy today, PD’s got you covered this week when it comes to flight fashion.

After first mandating headscarves be donned upon arrival/departure in Tehran, Air France announced recently that female flight attendants now have the right to opt out of wearing a headscarf on hauls to Iran and back.

The air carrier’s new route from Paris to Tehran was introduced back in April of 2016, and led many to be concerned with what the company would deem as appropriate dress. After much back and forth with their Union, Air France has decided that while female flight attendants are required to be outfitted in long pants and long sleeves, headscarves are not necessary.Since it went so well last time…

Air France has also ruled that any flight attendants not comfortable flying to Tehran, can ask to be reassigned without any negative repercussions.

All that’s left now for Air France is to see how they handle the planned pilot’s strike starting on June 11th, right in time for UEFA EURO 2016.