If you can’t beat them into submission, join them.From earlier this month, Twitter got a heck of a lot more tolerant when Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (i.e. Haia, the religion police) signed up with the handle @PvGovSa.

Sure, in the past (2014) the Saudi Government closed about 10,000 some odd Twitter accounts of their fellow citizens, arresting and fining a nice chunk of them too, for religious and ethical violations in their tweets, but hey, today is a new day and people can change.

So what if in 2013, Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul al-Sheikh, the Head of Haia, said that anyone on Twitter had, “Lost this world and his afterlife.”—Governments can change.Ugh...The King's an Apple user.

Yes, in December, Haia’s Spokesman Turkj Al-Shulail’s made a strong case against Twitter and said, “The number of these accounts (with religious violations) has increased during the last five years and there is a need to put an end to them and arrest the users who publish material against our religion and society.”—-Spokesmen can change.

Okay yeah, right, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti called all Twitter users, “Fools.”—Muftis can change.