The future is here.

The future is here.

With robots planning to conquer mankind Everest last month, Singapore now has robots building Ikea furniture.

Yes, you’ve just turned your last Allen key.

Nanyang Technological University has spent the last 3 years programming robots in the art of Ikea carpentry.

The Robot Takeover Starts With IKEA

Today, robots will build your IKEA furniture, tomorrow your roads.

Thanks to their tireless effort, a Scandinavian chair can now be built in 20 minuted by a robot.

That’s only 10 minutes longer than the furniture and meatball company believes you can do it in.

According to a member of the robot training team, “We have achieved the low level capability to teach the robot ‘how to do it’ and then in the next five to 10 years, high level reasoning the ‘what to do’ could be done too.”

What a time to be alive!