Cue evil laughter.Before we go on with our regularly scheduled Memory Lane Monday, PD would like to point out that April Fool’s Day was two days ago.

The quote we’re looking at today is by no means a prank.

Okay, that being said, Brianna Wu of GamerGate 4-chan fame, claims to be angling for a run of the 8th Congressional District in Massachusetts on the Science Democrat Party ticket.

In a move that smacks of blue waffles, in February 2017, Wu took to Twitter to share her real concerns about SpaceX.

Pause for the punchline.

The punchline is…

Can we get a slow clap on this one? That’s some brilliance.

When even Kim Jong-un rolled his eyes at the thought of conquering the boujee West with rocks dropped from the moon, Wu quickly wrapped up the collective pushback from her theories on gravitation by saying that any disagreement with her proposal was simply the, “Danger of being a woman on the Internet!”

Oh, it’s only due to her being a woman on the Internet, as opposed to just another moron on the Internet. Got it.

In any case, Wu, whom boasted that she never backs down, later deleted her tweets and that’s no joke.