The FTC to the rescue. Big Government is planning on protecting you from waist trainers, flat tummy teas and teeth whitening lasers—all through hashtags.

Yes, those same hashtags that proved themselves to work so well in saving the 300 Chibok schoolgirls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram, are now being mandated by the Federal Trade Commission to accompany any Instagram post that essentially promotes a product.

Welcome to the Golden Age of #ad!Regulations are needed since the Government thinks you couldn’t possibly discern that this is an ad on your own.

According to the FTC’s letter sent out last month to 90 of Instagram’s top con-artists consumption culprits, “The FTC’s Endorsement Guides state that if there is a ‘material connection’ between the endorser and the marketer of a product, in other words, a connection that might affect the weight or credibility that consumers give the endorsement, that connection should be clearly and conspicuously disclosed, unless the connection is already clear from the context of the communication containing the endorsement. Material connections could consist of a business or family relationship, monetary payment, or the provision of free products to the endorser.”

Allowing for three different hashtags (#ad, #sp, #partner), if their guidelines aren’t followed the FTC promises fines and legal escalation, which naturally, should help you and yours sleep better at night.