Heads up seven up to all of our Saudi Arabian PDers, if you’re planning on getting the hell out dodge in the near future, be forewarned that the moment you get near the border Hubs will be notified via text msg.

Oh yeah, witness the majesty, and let’s all take a moment to bask in the miracle that is technology.

The Saudi authorities unveiled this new dog wife tracking program two weeks ago to much applause. After all, how are male guardians supposed to be expected to an eye and hand their property 24/7? That’s not realistic! That sums it up.

To sound a bit too 2009, “There’s an app for that.”

It sure is great that Sandra Fluke and the main stream media bobble heads swooped in to stop that war on women. Since of course, women no longer need to worry about facing (literal) acid attacks from their in-laws, or beatings and stoning by their husbands for over cooking the lentils.