The Pokemon at Merdeka Palace are safe from outside trainers.Our staff has tried very hard to not be yet another media outlet with Pokemon Go in our headlines, but with analysts initially blaming the people out on the streets of Turkey, Friday night on the app, and now Indonesia banning the game in the Presidential Palace, we realize that like Trump, we can try and try and try (really try) to ignore it, but in the end, it is still there attempting to take over the world.

Signs reading, “Playing or hunting Pokemon prohibited in the palace area,” have been erected all over the palace complex in Jakarta, and in West Java police even detained a Frenchmen for accidentally trespassing on a military base while trying to catch them all.Catch them all?

Furthermore in Indonesia, police officers have been banned from using the app while on duty.

Naturally there are about a billion and a half (conservatively speaking of course) news stories on the perils of Pokemon Go, but apart from people trying to catch a Bulbasaur at Holocaust memorials, in Bosnia now apparently Pokemon trainers have taken to ignoring real-life landmine warning signs in pursuit of Pikachu.

Better not to ignore those signs...Now, we’re not big on conspiracy theories here at PD, but come on, is this some type of culling of the human race done by John Holdren and the rest of the population control crowd?

It all seems a little iffy.

Just sayin’.