The villains of the piece. Image from Tea Spill.

The villains of the piece. Image from Tea Spill.

Twitter, the world’s deadliest weapon, took a few more careers over the weekend, this time in the cutthroat Candle Beauty Community.

It’s been a banner month for Jeffree Star, with him reaching 9 million subscribers, hitting a billion views on Youtube, and releasing new highlighters. Oh yeah, and there was the worldwide positive reaction to his five-part collaboration series The Secret World of Jeffree Star done with this generation’s Oprah, Shane Dawson.

In fact, the only people that have not seen the series appear to be Network Television Execs that swear the public would rather watch what isn’t going on in Huda Kattan’s life, as opposed to what actually is going on in Jeffree Star’s.

With the constantly polarized online community for once coming together over Jeffree Star’s story, believed-to-be-by-Ipsy-and-Nars influencer Gabriel Zamora, decided to display his own bitterness while in Ibiza with this tweet below:


As people started to point out how absurd and childish the tweet was, Zamora decided to downshift and claim that Jeffree Star was a racist, that would say racist things, and that’s why he, Zamora, couldn’t be friends with him, Jeffree.


Well, as always goes with Twitter grandstanding the proof is in the timeline, since it took all of five seconds for the landslide of racist content from Zamora’s own feeds to come up.

Blame it on Alabama.

Blame it on Alabama.

Of course, not just Zamora’s racism, but those also included in the photograph from the first tweet: Laura Lee, Manny Gutierrez, and Nikita Dragun.

Judging from what was unearthed from their social media, one might think that they were all at a monthly Klan meeting, and not just a Nars brand trip.

Anyways, Zamora, after attacking his followers via Twitter for a few hours, switched his account to private, and Laura Lee closed her Twitter altogether.

A Short Social Media Goodbye

Ultimately, given that Twitter is listed on the bottom rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, they are now both back on the platform with apology posts.

Laura Lee blamed her Alabama upbringing (speaking of, hey Alabama, while you are taking down monuments, how about you get rid of any you erected to her), and Zamora apologizing profusely to his god— the almighty Ipsy.

With Laura Lee, Manny Gutierrez and Nikita Dragun finally understanding the sentiment of, “With friends like Gabriel, who needs enemies?” a lesson Gabriel Zamora has learned from this must be, “Those in glass houses should not tweet.”

Just sayin’.