Surely though, when you are stoned out of your mind you’ll be fine paying 50% more for everything.In a stunning turn of events for anyone without at least two brain cells, New York’s new minimum wage (slated to be fully enforced by 2018) of $15 is already starting to have negative side effects.


The Obama Administration’s Harold and Kumar approved eatery White Castle said recently that due to the hike in the minimum wage, prices at their New York establishments will have to go up by 50%.Kal Penn, the actor behind Kumar, served as the Obama Administration’s Associate Director of the Office of Public Engagement.

Furthermore, White Castle also revealed that they will be forced to cut staff sizes and are looking into the use of robots, whom wouldn’t need a State mandated living wage to feed a family of 6.

You know what the problem probably is though? New York raising the minimum wage to only $15. Clearly, with what we are finding now with White Castle and other restaurants, all of these problems would be fixed with a $100 or $150 an hour minimum wage.

Just sayin’.