Minnie Mouse smog masks are big and not just in China.George H.W. Bush cheated 10-4-10, while President Obama left the Oval Office with over $85 Million in taxpayer funded vacation, but what else happened this month?

As with every January, bans were all the rage with Morocco even deciding to limit imports on burqas and Indonesia working hard to get rid of sexy noodles.The Eagle’s finally left the gym.

Before Uber was attacked on Twitter, it was Sephora’s scalp the tolerant Left craved for their having a small space on their endcaps for Urban Decay’s After Dark palette.

Elections have consequences,” was a phrase that took center-stage worldwide stretching from flights out of Gambia to attention-whoring in Washington D.C.

If Trump hadn’t said it, we would have recommended getting a warm pair of boots. It’s going to be cold this year.Books other than our PD Pick Heart of Darkness that flew of the shelves included Mein Kampf and China’s Little Men (similar to Little Women, but more Statist).

Speaking of China, their Government grappled with umbrellas to solve toxic snow, and smog kept Czechs indoors for the bulk of the month.

Since Winter has also been pretty cold thus far, and it seems like less of Polar Vortex problem and more of a L.L. Bean, tank and missile issue, our staff felt that this picture best represented January 2017:

Maybe some snow pants might be a good idea, too…

See you in February…you know, unless there’s nuclear war.