Cubes are scary.Turkey might be paying you to marry and pop out three children, but they certainly don’t want you or those kids playing Minecraft.

After an “exhaustive” probe into the game by the Family and Social Policies Ministry, Turkey has decided that the game where players are able to build block castles and farm livestock, the game that carries an E for Everyone rating, that game, is simply too violent for Turkish sensibilities.

Turkey isn’t exactly new to the concept of banning, considering over 67,000 websites are blocked in the country along with the HBO series Game of Thrones in Turkish military academies, but to be the first state in the world to ban the benign child and adult favorite, Minecraft, will really set it apart.Oh yeah, Minecraft is Turkey's biggest problem.

Not only do Turkish authorities feel that the game is too violent, but those in power claim that it promotes both cyberbullying and social isolation.

Spawning a book series, 80,000 copies of Minecraft books have been sold in Turkey over the last half year, so perhaps they’ll go after books soon too.