Well, there are a lot of figures to steal from this scene.This week’s Genius Idea is actually a fairly good solution to a problem. It’s the problem itself that we here at PD just cannot wrap our heads around.

Apparently, the Baby Jesus has been kidnapped from many a Nativity scene across the Nation.

The. Baby. Jesus.

People actually steal the Baby Jesus figurine from the manger. What kind of douchebag do you have to be to steal Jesus?

Anyways, leave it to the Free Market to step in and solve things. People are now outfitting their Baby Jesus’ with a special GPS tracking system, so once the messiah is nicked, the owners are able to retrieve their figurine and press charges.Whether you believe in prayer or not, if someone is stealing the Baby Jesus from a Nativity scene then they need help. Serious help.

“And the beauty of this is it really works and it’s simple to use,” Alan Czyzewski, the Parishioner at St. Ambrose Church, in New Jersey explained.

The system is apparently so sensitive that if the Baby Jesus is even picked up or moved slightly, an SMS alert gets sent out to the owners.

A great idea, which unfortunately perfectly showcases the kind of world we live in today.