If a government can’t handle Twitter than how can they handle----exactly.The responsibility of 140 characters clearly isn’t for everyone, as demonstrated again and again by government Twitter accounts.

From hashtag diplomacy to Google translated taunts, the last thing these government “services” need is social media.

The National Park Service (perhaps hungover from their yearlong century celebration) did a series of retweets that did little to ingrain any goodwill from the Trump Administration, the first being a New York Times depiction of the 2009 inauguration crowd size compared to 2017, and the second being the Esquire headline, “Civil rights, climate change, and health care scrubbed clean from White House website. Not a trace.”140 characters of regret.

Hours later the tweets were deleted and replaced with an apology, “We regret the mistaken RTs from our account yesterday and look forward to continuing to share the beauty and history of our parks with you.”

We bet.