Being up in the Northern most part of Norway must help the body keep for a couple of weeks.It seems that this year Norway is having a tough time capturing that Fa La La Lifetime yuletide spirit.

For starters, last week the Aftenposten, Norway’s Evening Post Newspaper, issued an obituary for Father Christmas.

Yup, no alert to clear the kiddos from the room, just a, “Our dear Father Christmas, born 12 December 1788 died on 3 December in Nordkapp,” and a follow up that the funeral would be held on the 28th at the, “Chapel of the North Pole.”

Aftenposten has since apologized and has promised to review their, “Internal processes to establish what went wrong,” but there was many a trembling lip left in the obits wake.

Then earlier this week, in order to celebrate the two new fighter jets purchased by the Norwegian taxpayers, the Government’s Instagram account (yeah, again a government being on social media is the genius part) posted a picture of some scrumptious looking F-35 fighter jet gingerbread cookies.

Cue the rage.

The next day the Norwegian Government’s account was forced to post a heart-shaped gingerbread cookie and an apology.

Loosely translated (sorry our Norwegian is rusty): A government account on Instagram also has a heart. We realize that many responded to the post with fighter gingerbread, and again we apologize. This account is the Government's official Instagram account and offers each ministry, large and small the chance to post from their everyday lives. We want to wish our followers a continued Merry Pre-Christmas.

Well, we guess it could be worse. They could have apologized to their celiac citizens for being insensitive by posting something with gluten.

Enjoy your weekend!