Bo, the Flyer-in-Chief.Well, if the Secret Service is going to get their own replica White House to practice getting wasted in, why shouldn’t the taxpayer shell out the $3B (to be paid out in reasonable $102M installments) for the monarchy President to have a new Air Force One?

Apparently, according to the Pentagon, the current Air Force One is a little old, kinda’ dinged up, and has lost that new plane smell.

“The top priority is an affordable aircraft that will meet the Presidential requirements,” Air Force Col. Amy McCain said. “We’re buying up to three. It depends on all the availability of having two airplanes available for the president at any one time.”You can't expect him to have only one plane like he's a member of the 47%.

Of course, you can’t have just one Air Force One. That would be nuts.

What if President Obama had to go to a fundraiser in Denver, but Bo had a doggie playdate in Boston? Plus, everyone knows that just to be bare-boned prudent you need at least one extra plane leftover.

That’s just obvious.