From orange on.

With climate alarmists warning that the sun would be gone by the 1980’s, if you started to wonder when indoor tanning became a thing, don’t worry, because as always, PD’s got you covered.

Indoor Tanning As An Industry

First kicking off in 1906, Heraeus, a German company still in existence today, invented UV tanning lamps as a viable treatment for Ricketts.

Feel the German love.

Feel the German love.

Jump to the 1970’s, when Friedrich Wolff (another German) decided to study how artificial sunlight impacted athletes.

The verdict? They all had such a golden, healthy glow.

Cue the refinement and explosion of tanning beds on the European and American markets, that managed to avoid regulation until the late 1980’s.

See? Not every single thing from Germany is horrible, unless of course, you think solariums are the worst things since Hitler.