For all of the pretty little snakes.PD was left unimpressed and rushing for the Benadryl after showcasing bee venom face cream last week, and unfortunately for the all of those scaly skinned, coldblooded creature fans out there the snake venom lotion did not fare much better.

Again our Rating System breaks down like this—

Lame U


Reasonable UUU

Go for it UUUU


The box promised us basically the same thing as the bee venom: Revitalized smooth skin, no wrinkles. Packaging—UUU

Smell— The scentless smell on this one was worlds better than the granny musk of the bee venom. UUU

Feel and look— Much whiter than the bee venom mix, the snake venom lotion had more of a greasy feel, but compared to normal over the counter products the grease was nothing major. UUInteresting for a try, but not a lifelong find.

Effective— Eh. We ran into the same hypochondriac like affect with a tightening in the throat and instant cough. Once on and absorbed in, the lotion did last a few good hours without a need for reapplication. No tightening in the skin (other than around the throat) was noticed. UU

Price—Again, there are similar products out on the market that go for around $200, so a $25 or $20 bottle isn’t that bad. UUU

As with the bee venom, it’s best to put this beauty buy on someone else’s Christmas list.