Hey, don't feel bad. That Frankincense is useful as all get out.

Hey, don’t feel bad. That Frankincense is useful as all get out.

While India and the Cosmetics Industry are making their big push for gold everything, another B.C. favorite is making a comeback: Frankincense.

Confused on why? Don’t worry, as always PD’s got you covered.

For starters, hailing mostly from Ethiopia, Oman, Yemen, and Somalia, the name comes from the old French phrase, franc encens or in English, quality incense.

Touted as the Rodney King of Oils, made from the resin of a Boswellia sacra tree, Frankincense is a topical powerhouse when it comes to treating inflammation, burns (sun or razor), and other skin irritations.

Frankincense is an antiseptic, and is a fan favorite to keep tooth decay and cavities at bay.

A few drops of Frankincense can also beat out Winter-induced dry scaly skin. The same goes for snagged cuticles and dry nail beds.

As an astringent, Frankincense cuts down on blemishes, large pores and is believed to tighten skin overall.

Cramps? As a bonus, a few drops of 100% pure Frankincense oil in your water bottle is what served as the Aleve Ultra Strength of yesteryear.

You’re welcome.