The gold touch.It was Burl Ives that first told us, “Silver and gold. Everyone wishes, for silver and gold. How do you measure its worth? Just by the pleasure it brings here on Earth,” and with Obamanomics he certainly wasn’t far off.

Now that the Indian Government is trying to kill the gold market (and silver market too) by adding regulations, random confiscations and import tariffs, precious metal smuggling is bigger than ever especially for key players in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Here at PD we’ve recommended owning gold and other precious metals from the beginning (which was quite long before quantitative easing), and while we talked about the various forms and types, we have yet to touch on their beauty benefits.Fool’s gold? Tell us about your gold beauty experiences.

It’s not just the lack of worry lines that comes from having some gold tucked away and thereby not being fully dependent on the shrinking dollar or tweaked Yuan, but gold stimulates collagen production both toning and tightening skin.

Rahm Immanuel’s playground Chicago even offers a Union Boss special, which consists of massaging fine pieces of 24 karat gold leaf into sagging skin for an instant brighten up. The massage, if you skip the happy ending, usually lasts about 90 minutes and runs around $250.

Intrigued? Well, we told you guys that there are many reasons why gold is considered to be classic.