The poster background reads, “Niggas better have my money.”The only thing remarkable about last week’s US State of the Union address was just really how much plastic surgery Congress has undergone. No longer regulated to a nearly now Japanese Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, plastic surgeons have certainly left their seal-like mark on the whole legislature.

Come on, PDers, if we’re honest, there was no one on the floor more ready for Sea World than California’s Maxine Waters.Full on seal during the 2015 SOTU.

Perhaps, last year’s wrinkled L.A. Poverty Pimp posters made Waters self-conscious, leading her to go under the knife and needle, because there once was a time when her face was actually able to contort and move as she tried to backtrack from laying out her ultimate goal of socializing-er-basically-uh-taking over stuff.

That socializing gem was captured back in 2008, when Maxine Waters, as part of the House Judiciary Committee task force on oil competition (hey, we felt that eye roll), was able to at least move her cheeks enough to get out, “And guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be all about socialize—uh, uh, would be about—basically…taking over and the government running all of your companies.”

This liberal as opposed to that liberal.Her impressive facial expressions and delicate Democrat party line balancing act were caught on tape, along with her colleague’s laughter as he watched the spectacle.

Happy Monday!