Some tattoos can even get you a modeling gig at Dolls Kill.

Some tattoos can even get you a modeling gig at Dolls Kill.

Here at PD, we are firm believers in the concept of one having the right to be wrong or to look like a moron, especially when it comes to tattoos.

Of course, the freedom to tat as you please is not guaranteed by the rest of the world.

Tattoo Laws

We’ve talked about how tattoos of Buddha can get you banned from Burma, and the top hot springs in Japan, but in Denmark it is illegal to get a tattoo on your face, neck, or hands.

Naturally, North Korea would be a special case, as tattoos are perfectly legal—provided that the tattoo reflect the Kim Family in a positive way, as in, you can only have a ladybug tattooed on your left ankle if there is a thought bubble above the ladybug that says, “Guard the Great Leader to our death.”

As opposed to, "Die."

As opposed to, “Die.”

In Germany and the Czech Republic tattoos of Nazi symbols are illegal, despite efforts from European tattoo parlors to reclaim the swastika as a symbol of peace.

Again though, the State banning particular tattoos or their placement does nothing to take away the beliefs behind them.

If you are someone that wants to have your eyelids tattooed, you should do it, and show everyone you meet that is who you are.

The same goes for 8H tattoos; just ink Hitler across your forehead, and we’ll all get the message: You’re an idiot, and we’ll keep it moving.

Just sayin’.