The protester monk.Myanmar (Burma) might be trying to make the leap from Dark Tourism to completely safe-ordinary-normal-travel-please-come-please-come, but apparently the monks of the Nation aren’t ready to welcome tourists.

At least those tourists with tattoos of Buddha.

This time the tourist in the middle of the travel scandal was from Spain (breathe a sigh of relief, Canadians). The police were called and the tourist and his wife were detained when monks in Bagan noticed (due to his wearing shorts) that he had a Buddha tattoo on his right leg.The tattoo in question.

Fortunately, before they could be deported, Soe Win, the Minister of Religious Affairs and Culture, stepped in, telling media, “We have no reason to deport them. We’ll just ask them to take care for their safety, because some people would view the tattoo on his leg as an insult to the religion.”

Yes, apparently monks in Myanmar aren’t zen enough to overlook your cultural appreciation appropriation of Buddha.

Just sayin’.