Protesters of Oprah’s beauty obsession. When vanity reigns supreme and in an age when women are no longer actually allowed to age, it’s only logical that snake serums, bee venom treatments and wine baths would be sought out.

Of course, the latest facial on the beauty scene really trumps the rest and screams volumes about our society.

Welcome to the world of foreskin facials—and no, that’s not some Jersey euphemism.

It’s kind of a creepier spin on the phrase, “From the mouth of babes.”

This foreskin facial otherwise billed as HydraFacialMD, is a New York favorite.

Dr. Gail Naughton, the developer behind this new exercise in vanity explains that, “Growth factors captured from the donated foreskin of a baby are at their peak ability in promoting rapid cell turnover. Applied topically, they spur adult skin cells to regenerate. This is said to have a smoothing effect on the skin.”

Right.Oprah approved foreskins.

As with most things pseudo-science, this beauty gem comes from Oprah Winfrey, who when she isn’t comparing things to Emmett Till, is slathering her face with SkinMedica’s foreskin heavy anti-wrinkle cream.

Did we mention that Soylent Green is people?

Just sayin’.