Well, it's not like it's 11,000 tanning salons that have closed...There are those that claim Donald Trump is the candidate that wants to make America white again (or well, white for the first time), but it’s actually been President Obama and his taxation policies that have made a paler America.

Yes, of the thousand (million?) new taxes that make up Obamacare, it’s the extra 10% tax on tanning that has forced the closure of 10,000 tanning salons (about 81,000 jobs) nationwide.Of course, it’s not as if Trump’s policies are really all that different from Obama’s anyway.

The EPA might want to make everyone show ID before they can get their UVA and UVB on, but the sticker shock of a 10% Obamacare surcharge (legally listed as a penalty) has been enough to keep most people (even in New Jersey) away from the tanning salon.

So, to all of the KKK members out there, if you really want a whiter America stick with your historical ticket and vote up and down Democrat.

Just sayin’.