California’s biggest problem: microbeads. Ah yes, microbeads—the miracle exfoliation ingredient that exploded onto the beauty scene back in the early 2000’s, when almost overnight every cleanser and toothpaste couldn’t want to boost on their packaging that they had them.

Now though, the Californian State Assembly has banned retailers in the Eureka! state from selling any products with microbeads, due to claims that the tiny bits of exfoliation plastic are disturbing the food chain.

Yup, supposedly once you wash them down the drain they go straight into an unsuspecting fish’s belly, and instead of installing a filter to catch them before these “environmental terrors” hit water resources, Assemblyman Richard Bloom, in true Californian fashion, thinks it’s just better to ban them altogether.

“The best way to stop plastic pollution is at the source.”Time to stockpile?

Right, and just in case any of you PDers out there thought about a Free Market solution like using biodegradable microbeads in products, rest assured that those too are banned now in California under this same statute.

The full microbead ban hits in 2020, so in essence Californians still have time to stock up on their favorite Clarins and Origins cleansers before having to resort to walking up and down the Tenderloin to get their fix.