Kindling thoughts of 1900’s gentry and Upstairs/Downstairs relationships, spontaneous combustion just really isn’t in the news cycle enough. Not to worry though, Banana Boat is doing their best to bring back that turn of the century feel.

The makers of Banana Boat, which is part of Playtex and Energizer Holdings, recalled about half a million units of their spray on sunscreen last week amid reports of “spontaneous” combustion when applied near open flames. This Banana Boat recall covers most of their “Ultra” line: UltraMist Sport, UltraMist, Ultra Defense, and UltraMist Kids (insert an “Ultra” burn relief aloe joke here).

While most in the media are trying to pin the culprit on a faulty nozzle that sprays out more than it should—thus allowing that thicker glob to hang out on the skin longer without being absorbed as fast as a smaller amount, some in the Banana Boat think it’s the problem of an illiterate consumer base, whom ignore direction listings and warnings on the packaging.

One insider told PD, “The label clearly says, ‘Keep away from sources of ignition — no smoking.’”

The former President of the American Academy of Dermatology, Darren Rigel, felt that the Banana Boat case goes even further than not reading the packaging, “I think you just have to use common sense and not be near an open fire when you put on aerosol anything.”

Hmm…makes sense. In any case, if you have any flammable Banana Boat products lurking in your storage room biding their time until next summer, the company advises you to throw them out, and to call them at 1-800-SAFESUN.