Back to the Killing Fields? When our PD staff first saw the latest lace-up track-soled leather monstrosity from Zara, something about them really stuck out and bothered us.

No, it wasn’t just their outright hideousness, the kind that wouldn’t have even been acceptable in the late 90’s.

It wasn’t the over $100 price tag either, or the Anthony Weiner creeper undertones.

In fact, it wasn’t until a round table staff discussion that we were able to figure out exactly what it was about these sandals that made our skin crawl worse than a Pelosi spiritual.

What bothered us was how much these shoes looked like the DIY tire shoes of the Khmer Rouge.Fashion and tyranny intertwine on repeat.

In this month’s PD Book Club pick, First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, there is a moment when the author’s father points to the footwear of the Khmer Rouge as they tear through Phnom Penh.

“Pa, why the shoes? Why are they bad?”

“It shows that these people are destroyers of things.”

What say you, PDers? Do these rub you the same way? Let us know down below.