They do come in a whole slew of colors and camo. There’s nothing worse than the State wrecking the zen of a good outdoor run, but if it’s the end of the month when ticket quotas are due then just accept it’s going to happen.

An Austinite got nabbed by the long flabby arm of the law for jay-running in her 5 Fingers recently, prompting the Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo to joke about his officers’ rough manhandling of this girl just trying to get it in.

“In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas. Thank you lord that it’s a controversy in Austin, Texas that we actually have the audacity to touch somebody by the arm and tell them ‘oh my goodness, Austin Police, we’re trying to get your attention.”

Hmm, has Art seen the footage of the arrest? Since being slammed into the ground repeatedly and hauled off in cuffs is a tad different than a peace officer trying to peaceably get your attention. Plus, what a great way for a police chief to characterize other po-po departments across the Nation.It’s a good thing there isn’t a problem with the drug cartels in Austin. It would be a shame if the Austin Police Department were wasting their resources.

Anyways, sure this woman was sporting some of the ugliest shoes since Crocs, but that is no reason to arrest her. In fact, running in Vibrams or other toe shoes can really up your game (especially your overall speed) and help with the impact of running on asphalt has on your knees.

The main drawbacks of using 5 Fingers apart from their look, are that they take a while to adjust to as you will need to completely change your running form, and you’ll also need to size up at least half a size, because your foot will grow as you build up new muscles.

Otherwise, on hills there’s nothing better.