Nice chompers, right?Roots growing in faster than you thought they would when you went blonde? Well, the creepy guy we have to introduce you to today might give you that extra shove back to brunette.

The Theraphosa Blondi or Goliath Tarantula is considered to be the largest spider in the world coming in at 30cm or about the size of a puppy.

This bad boy of South America usually eats rodents, but the Theraphosa Blondi is common enough that they’re roasted with banana leaves and eaten by humans.

Love spiders so much that you’re not put off by our new friend? Okay, we’ve got the shoe for you.We bring you these in the case that you really can’t stand Charlotte Olympia’s support of Obama.

These Dolly Bae vegan leather The Webs We Weave Boots have a 6 inch heel stuffed with mini plastic spiders that turn your kicks into instant maracas and according to the online description are, “Sikk azz fukk.”

For $130 or the cost of a Theraphosa Blondi banquet these babies can be yours.