The new American worker.It might seem like we’re hard on the Obama Administration most of the time, but really, the PD Staff has to give him his due.

As promised on the 2008 campaign trail, Barack sure has fundamentally changed America.

Case in point, the newly saved Detroit, where young, able bodied douchebags men line up a week out from the new Air Jordan 6 Retro release date to be the first of the street glamorati to rock those $250 kicks.A week of this for that.

Using the bathrooms of the few remaining local businesses still open, this conceptualization of the new American worker, spends their days outside of Burn Rubber in downtown Royal Oak, chatting, wrestling and generally maximizing on their potential.

One of the men, 28 year old Jason Thurmand said he wasn’t worried about getting a real job, since being the first to have the freshest kicks, “Is my job.”

Oh, by the way, Air Jordan 6 Retros are also available on