Sweden's Pride Army.Despite KLM missing the mark with their Gay Pride Click Campaign, Sweden’s Armed Forces weren’t afraid to show their own support for Stockholm Pride.

In a photo using rainbow laces to offset a pair of dark military boots, Sweden’s Armed Forces posted on their Facebook the following sentiment, “We are prepared to go as far as necessary. Your right to live how you wish, as you want and with who you want is our duty to defend. And we are prepared to give everything to do that.”

According to Nemo Stjernström of the Swedish Armed Forces Communications Department, the lace idea germinated due to the Armed Forces wanting to show, “That we clearly take a stand for everyone’s equal worth and rights. In part, that we actively, every day, contribute to ensuring we can continue to live as we wish in a free Sweden. Using the pride flag’s colors and slipping it into a detail on the uniform is something we have tried before and received a really good response to. It makes it very clear what we mean and what we stand for.”Available now for only €1,150.

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