Last summer, fashion gurus swore by the wedge. This summer, PD swears by the loafer.

Comfortable on cobblestone, roomy, and a quick slid on/slid off during heated debates, loafers are the new go-to shoe for the second half of summer, and will carry you happily through autumn.

The summer loafer is perfect for driving, perfect for that last minute dash for the bus, and doesn’t come with straps that embed themselves in your flesh. The summer loafer is ideal for that picnic in the park, that staff meeting with only a window cracked to offset the 97 degree heat, and can also ease you into that causal dinner date at Dymonio.

The keys to summer loafers are color, texture, and spunk. Your summer loafers should add something to a more reserved look. The summer loafer should add a fun finish, whereas the autumn loafer does the opposite: reigns in an off the wall assemble.

Steal a page from PD’s safari look, or reel yourself in with some comfy studded cotton, with summer loafers, it’s hard to go wrong.