Purdie’s review was also taken down by Amazon and tagged for being, “Abusive.”Aside from a pair of Christian Louboutins, most people do not give a lot of thought to the look of the bottoms of their shoes. Fortunately, Sam Purdie, 81, isn’t like most people.

After receiving a fresh pair of Jo & Joe £15 slippers for the oncoming cold season from Amazon, he quickly noticed that the bottom texture track of the sole was composed of swastikas—and not the lucky type.These spider slippers from Zara are honeycomb free.

Of course, one man’s swastikas happen to be another company’s honeycombs as the producers of the slippers LJ&R Footwear swear that, “Any resemblance to the sign in question is purely coincidental. It is a honeycomb maze pattern.”

Either way, this slipper fiasco has us recommending you flip your next kick purchase around, or request a photo of the their bottoms to catch any honeycomb patterns before buying.