7 inches above the street is better than 3.While traveling opens you up to amazing new people and different cultures, it also opens you up to very different takes on sanitation.

Case in point the current failure of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative to provide access to toilets for all 1.2 billion residents, promising 5.3 million to be installed by the end of his first 100 days in office. Though Modi’s built and installed most of the commodes, against the wisdom of Field of Dreams the 1.2 billion have not come, preferring to use open fields and patches of jungle for communal dumps instead.

Or consider the squat toilets of China, Greece, and Egypt also known as holes in the ground.

Call us elitist or privileged all you want, but there are certain places where sandals and flats just won’t cut it, and it’s in those countries that we recommend sky-high wedges.

Each time members of our staff hit up the streets of Cairo or New Delhi, we take a pair of travel wedges, worn only for the duration of that particular trip and then ditched. These are one-way wedges that never see a return flight home and for good and graphic reasons.Leather is always a good bet as it won't easily snap or rip.

To spare those that are still holding onto a bit of their tuna salad lunch, it’s not only excrement you’re expected to wade through in some countries, it’s also rusty nails, garbage galore, broken glass (hey, ironically a lot of these countries requiring travel wedges favor Keynes), bones, discarded needles, and blob like muck substances.

Stock up on your travel wedges at summer sales now, that way it will be easier to say goodbye when check-out time comes.