Uber presidential. His last week in Higher Office might have been full of wiring Palestine $221 Million and pardoning Oscar López Rivera, but President Obama still found time to collect gifts from those entrenched in his cult of personality.

After pre-Instagramming the gift, Dexter Fowler, former Chicago Cub and current St. Louis Cardinal outfielder, gleefully presented Barack Obama with a pair of custom designed Jordans.

Black and presented in a box with the Presidential Seal, the kicks came with the President’s own signature engraved on either side of the shoes, and his trademark O on the laces.

No word yet if Obama’s taken them out for a stroll.

Of course, last week’s Jordans weren’t the most talked about gift by the media, as the Tiffany picture frame given to Michelle Obama in the trademark Tiffany box from Melania Trump at the Inauguration left them apoplectic with surprise.It’s a present, ladies and gentlemen, not Ebola.

Just wait till the newly “woke” media sees the renovations Trump has planned for the Lincoln Bedroom.