Look for the skinny tie à la Malcom X to make a comeback once Ferguson schools are allowed to reopen.Looks like King Samir Shabazz is out of his NY jail oranges (or have they adopted stripes now too?), and is back burning up the Ferguson Fashion runways with a monster of a Pre-Fall collection.

Fashion experts have descended on Missouri from their perch high atop Mount Race Baiter, including big names like Al Sharpton, members of the revered fundraising Jackson family, and top Communist brass—and let’s just say Shabazz’s collection is a real riot.

Expanding from his brief parlay into cosmetics and hygiene with his Eau de Cracker, Shabazzy has decided to move from the NBPP white and brown messaging of Michelle Conyer’s apologetic walk-back of two years ago, to a full embrace of the classic sleekness of historical iconing.

If your night calls for long hours of looting, chunking rocks, and setting fires you might want to opt for a pair of Black Panther j’s instead of these babies.

Labeled as social strife meets McQueen, the use of the Black Panther icon on Kevlar vests, berets, thigh high boots, and clutches seems to have struck just the right note with the bereaved of Ferguson.

McQueen ferocity on a welfare budget.

As with any collection and trend though, there is intense worry from the NBPP camp about over popularity, as in this year’s case of anything Michael Kors.Be sure you are the right shade of racist in order to partake in this Pre-Fall look.

Attendants of King Samir Shabazz went on the record with PD, saying, “This look isn’t for pink people, it’s about the black man. We better not see no honkies in this.”