Kicks to kill for?Pizza Hut for the best stuffed crust in the world; sure. Pizza Hut for the perfume of the season; okay. Pizza Hut for pie top kicks; fine. However, Pizza Hut and social media—eh, maybe not.

In a move that almost feels like an early April Fool’s prank, Pizza Hut Taiwan ran a Facebook campaign promising, “Killer deals,” on Taiwan’s Remembrance Day for the February 28th Incident, where about 50,000 civilians were killed in 1947 by Chiang Kai-shek.Social media skills on par with Michelle Obama.

First, using their Facebook to ask if customers were, “Ready to celebrate 2/28?” Pizza Hut added, “The most killer deal in Pizza Hut’s history is on offer for a limited time only: For every takeaway large pizza you order online, we’ll throw in two small pizzas and one 8-pc BBQ chicken for free.”

Yikes, deliciousness and savings aside, that’s a rough one.