A boycott from the Left means better bottom-lines for L.L. Bean.One boycott that doesn’t seem to be working is the one launched earlier this year by #GrabYourWallet that decided to destroy L.L. Bean after reports surfaced that the company’s owner, Linda Bean, donated $30,000 to the Make Maine Great Again PAC.

Now, L.L. Bean is looking to hire an additional 160 workers to keep up with the demand for their classic duck boot.

A new manufacturing center with new equipment, including another molding machine, will help the Maine-based company meet their goal of 750,000 pairs (soon to be a million) made and sold per year.Play Joan of Arc in these Joan of Artics.

As with most boycotts, this one with L.L. Bean seems to have fizzled out right after it started, but if you are still upset by a company owner supporting a candidate, or if you just have a case of rabid Trumpitis you can always march on the cold, rainy days yet to come in Sorels