New Balance meets Big Gov.A government is only as good as their armory word and well, it seems that kick-maker New Balance has learned the hard way that going down on the Obama Administration doesn’t mean you get what you’re promised.

Supposedly, New Balance was told by the Pentagon that if they dropped their public opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) they would be named the official shoe of the military.

New Balance VP Matt LeBretton lamented recently, “We swallowed the poison pill that is TPP so we could have a chance to bid on these contracts,” and New Balance CEO Robert DeMartini echoed that his firm had been unable to even get face time with the US Government since, “We simply can’t get through.”

Spurred on by the Obama Administration’s pledge to respect the 1941 Berry Amendment to purchase only American-made military gear, Boston-based New Balance put into production an all-American shoe line for the Pentagon with the understanding that if the company outwardly supported TPP the contract would be theirs.Even Obama has proven to be a Nike fan.

Naturally, the Obama Administration has thrown the blame back at New Balance claiming that, “We support New Balance’s efforts to develop a competitive, Berry-compliant shoe and joined many members of Congress in asking that the Department of Defense provide New Balance a fair opportunity to make its case. We understand from the Department of Defense that New Balance has not yet been able to provide a model that meets their requirements for our service members.”

That’s why the PD staff sticks with Asics.