Life with a warning label.Apparently all great (and well, even the not so great) travel destinations these days are obligated to come with a Deadly Selfie Warning Label.

Yellowstone park rangers warning visitors about the probable goring resulting from a buffalo selfie have been joined by officials of Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park, whom after two deaths this year alone are now pleading with visitors to show at least basic caution.

From tweets asking tourists to, “Stop making stupid and dangerous selfies,” to fences and signs, officials are trying their best to keep the body count low.These might not be the best for cliff walking.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of the officials at Croatia’s oldest National Park the problem isn’t just cliff side selfies, but also visitors opting for flip-flops and sandals as opposed to walking or trekking kicks, which has led to a possible ban on flimsy footwear.

“We will most likely soon not allow people to enter the park in summer clothing such as flip flops or sandals,” claims Ognjen Borcic, Spokesman of Plitvice Lakes National Park.

All in the name of safety, right PDers?