Still superior to the Hillary Nutcracker.Oh, Obama. His Administration has pivoted to so many things over his six incredibly long years.

The Obama Administration has pivoted to healthcare, then to resuscitating the ACA website. He’s pivoted to the three letter word jobs. Hell, he’s even pivoted to Asia.

In fact all of his pivoting has caught more than the eyes of the casting agent for Chicago’s Nutcracker, as even Senator Ted Cruz mentioned the President’s prowess for a pivot at 2013’s RedState conference.Ted Cruz, as always just telling it like it is.

After being asked by an audience member about Obama, Cruz answered eloquently with, “It is a terrific point. Her point is that Obama is yet again pivoting to jobs. You know, he pivots more than a ballerina doing pirouettes.”

A pale pink would really bring out his eyes.Hey, to any Progressive Dems out there wanting to get in good with the big guy, we recommend you get Dear Leader a quality pair of toe-shoes (pointe shoes) for the remaining two years of his term. We hear Barack’s a size 12.