There’s a lot wrong with the picture today, in Texas.

It’s not just the Presidential twitter account plugging Austin, or #standingwithWendy.

It’s not the SEIU purple clad protesters, clutching etch-o-sketches.

It’s not the Long Horn orange draped peanut gallery shrieking about the Republican War on Women.

It’s not those things.

It could be the absolute bullshit disrespect of wearing trainers onto the Texas Capital Floor, though.

Seriously, Senator Davis? This is your big 13 hour moment to impress the left and their eugenics-loving comrades, and you decide to go with running shoes? Wow. Pathetic.

Any self-respecting woman can go 13+ in Jimmy Choos without having a seat or leaning forward, in order to get the look and make her point, all without batting an eye. It’s called being a lady with poise and class.The Dear Leader Seal of Approval.

Of course, considering you were trying to stop a bill from preventing abortions after 20 weeks, you might not be such a lady to begin with.

Now abortion is one of those issues that requires a lot of intellectual and honest soul searching.

Ignoring all other arguments and assuming that you believe that women should have a choice to aggress against another life so long as it is tissue, then wouldn’t 20 weeks be long enough for a woman to get her shit together and have the abortion done?

This is what a fetus looks like at 20 weeks.Should people really wait until the fetus has a favorite color before ripping them limb from limb?

The other aspect of the bill, Wendy, you so “bravely” stood against (really standing against fetuses must be so hard), was to look at abortion clinics statewide to make sure that women weren’t dying in Kermit Gosnell like conditions.

Super brave of her, to stand up against that.

By the way, while she was standing those 13 hours, only 19,500 babies were aborted in the United States alone. Let’s say that half of those fetuses were girls (in reality more than half of the 19,500 would be girls as statistically females are aborted at a much higher rate, but ignoring that) would mean that 9,750 baby girls were aborted during those 13 hours.

Show us the War on Women again.

Just sayin’.