I am that I am. Was there anyone out there who didn’t instinctively know yesterday who the perpetrators were? Honestly? Whom exactly was shocked?

Is anyone quaking with fear at this point after what happened at Charlie Hebdo? A bully is a bully and the more they scream and the more violent they become the more pathetic they are seen to be by the world.

Charlie Hebdo didn’t focus solely on Islam; they routinely brought everyone to the comedic carpet, and yet it was those Islamists that couldn’t hack it. It was them and them alone that thought it made perfect sense to pop down to a business and blow the brains out of the workers there, because they dared to doodle Muhammad.

Screw off.

Congratulations, you’ve just showed the world yet again what a truly peaceful and tolerant group of gentlemen you are. Plus the footage of you shooting an unarmed, wounded man begging for his life on the pavement in the head says so much more than all of the pc bullshit organizations like CAIR peddle.

Side note: It was also great how you picked up your lone trainer that fell out of your Citroën with the same fluid motion you exhibited when you executed that man moments prior. Allah forbid you loose on half of your Adidas.

Free speech, free thought means that people will disagree. It means that people will say the vilest (just check out any thread on Reddit) things their imaginations can craft. That is what freedom is."I am not afraid of reprisals, I have no children, no wife, no car, no debt. It might sound a bit pompous, but I'd prefer to die on my feet rather than living on my knees." - Stéphane Charbonnier. RIP.

You want people to stop dissing your prophet? Love them. Show them through your good actions what your religion really is. Tolerate them to the point where they themselves will realize that by bashing you they just look like the douchebag of the situation.

Behead them, rape them, enslave them and you are only proving them right.

More speech, not less.

Je suis Charlie. I am Charlie.

Just sayin’.